The Invisible Mend

The Invisible Mend started out as a blog that transformed from a personal–professional space into a project space, with the intent of connecting others in the publishing field and coaxing together the disparate threads of the editing profession.

The resulting project, Invisible mending tips: A–Z of style, encapsulated the range of the modern editor’s interests and made the fit and shape of the publishing profession more visible for a while.

Tips were posted every week between October 2012 and January 2013 in alphabetical order to compile an A­–Z guide as useful as it was tongue in cheek.

Contributors were asked to write something quick, handy and/or witty/fun/amusing/lovely focusing on an aspect of writing, editing, design … or any other facet of publishing they desired, on the condition that it start with or heavily reference their allocated letter and that they enjoyed sharing it.

Contributions ranged from design and software tech tips, to techniques for writing, to stylistic bêtes noires, to advice on how to avoid punctuation dramas.

The full guide runs backwards from “A is for audience” ­— to the final entry: “Z is for Zombie”.


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