To the Ecotone!

There comes a time in every nature-loving city dweller’s life when they must ask themselves whether staring into their cocktail at a plastic palm-tree-shaped swizzle stick truly constitutes communion with the natural world. And when that time comes, it’s time to visit Ecotone.

Based on the philosophy that local native plants bring ecological as well as creative benefits to urban environments, Ecotone Nursery in inner-Brisbane’s West End offers the real green deal to anyone wanting to hang out in a city oasis, learn more about local plant species, or just jazz up the balcony corner behind their jacuzzi. Offering workshops, green thumb guidance, design advice, gifts, an extensive stocklist ā€” and all with the aim of putting the profit back into social justice and inclusion projects ā€” Ecotone feels like its name promises: the transition area where where two communities meet and integrate.

I’m rather proud to be an inaugural Ecotone committee member, and the maker and keeper of the Ecotone website and blog.




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